Monday, August 16, 2010

Well...Here we are!

As you can tell by the lack of posts, we came to found out that is blocked in china. I have a VPN set up that routes our internet through Hong Kong, where it is not blocked. All though it is slow, it works. ANYWAY! We have arrived safe and sounds in our very nice 3 bed 2 bath apartment! We have a nice view of Shanghai on the 16th story of our building. Across the street is a park where people have "parties" there every night and morning. Older people go there and dance to music. We joined them once, it was quite fun! Everyone pretty much stopped and watched us but that was alright. Don't see many foreigners doing that now... Hailey and I have found our best way of transportation is by taxi. Back in the states, i had never taken a cab before, but i knew i had not because it is not cheap. Here, the base price is 12 Yuan which is about $1.80. From there on it doesn't go up by much, and there is no tax nor tipping anywhere in China. Our usual shopping place for food and normal house hold items is a place called Carrefour. Its amazing how cheap things are here, especially my favorite, Coke. I can go down stairs and right outside our appartment complex, there is a 7-11 like place called Lawsons where I can buy a can for ....¥2.30! ( 1USD=6.7RMB) The Shanghai Hongqiao International Pearl Market is also a huge mall where they sell knock off clothes and electronics with no prices on them! You have to bargain away to get what you want for how much you want it!

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