Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally, we're packed!

10 fifty pound suitcases later, with carry-ons and personal item (computer/pack etc.), we're ready to go! Unbelievably, today we noticed that 2 of our seats aren't are randomly placed, away from 2 that are together! Sooo, we'll be at Korean Air a good 4 hrs. prior to try and rectify the situation. 12 straight hours by myself may be a bit much. I'm sure I'll have that lonely feeling when I venture out into Shanghai alone for the first time-thank God for Apps. We're gearing up for 97 degrees and thundershowers our first full day-low will be 84. We'll all venture off with water, TP, and hand sanitizer. It'll take a few days to get Internet-apparently we can sign up and pay our bills at any 7-11 type store. Can't wait to post those pictures. I'm imagining electric company kiosks inside, like Subways share space in mini marts. We'll be 15 hrs. ahead of Washington now. That's it for now...