Monday, August 23, 2010

City Girl

Hi dear Friends and Family,
I didn't realize how much I would love the BIG city. It never sleeps and never stops working or eating or playing. My jaw is on the sidewalk most of the time, along with many of the parked BMWs...they have run out of parking spaces so they use the sidewalk. I absolutely love it here, not that it's easy all the time. I look forward to getting things a little more figured out, but every day i see things that make me giggle or amaze me or gross me out. Yesterday we were walking back from work and saw a man peeing on the sidewalk, a taxi driver pulled over and peed against the wall of the sidewalk. Interesting. Fascinating. He really must have had to go. You can have pig intestine soup downstairs if you want to...or pig tongue with noodles. I went for the beef noodle soup - it was good. Sure, got the Shanghai belly after, but we all get the Shanghai belly at times. No big deal.

Today was the first day of school - 97 degrees and my AC broke - attempted to teach with no AC all day and the serious case of the runs...oh, let the good times begin. (They fixed my AC after school today.) The kids are amazing and didn't complain once about the smoking hot room, even with the sweat rolling down my face as a clue that it was a tad hot in there. What troopers! I'm going to hit the hay now...just needed to make a post on the blog to get things rolling. I've got some serious culture shock going on, but I love it. The world is a bigger place than Kirkland, WA. Later - take care, Anne

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  1. Anne-

    Enjoyed your observations, but really, you didn't have to go all the way to China to see guys pee on the sidewalk!! :)

    We had our meet and greet at ED on Friday. Today I went and cleaned out some of the Math Game shelves. Miss you already!! So glad you are having fun and your class is so diverse.

    Take care.