Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Place is Wild!

Soooo, these are some images pretty close to home...literally. Click on a picture to enlarge! This isn't your mama's Starbucks. Ever seen a whole wheat wrap with flounder??? How about the fresh aroma of tuna bread when trying to sell your house? Starbucks here has got it all. It's really funny trying to get the drink that you want. The people working in western stores know the language for the store, but just the basics. Hot chocolate here, at Starbucks, is always the signature hot chocolate--very rich. Anne has got it down now...fix the drink, then add "this much" milk.
Top left is a block from our apartment. It's where lots of the district's cabbies eat lunch and dinner. Most meals, some sort of meat and noodle soup with complimentary tea, are about a dollar. The restaurants are simple "holes in the walls"-vinyl at best, wooden chairs, bowls of food waiting to be claimed (uncovered and exposed for God knows how long), huge rice cookers, proprietors and their wives and children prepared to serve, and all filled with white collared cabbies in blue/black sport coats hungry for their post meal cigarette...but not before a good loogie is forced up and laid on the cobblestone.
Anne is posing in front of a wine shop that took 2-3 months to open. Wine only! Have a glass or buy a bottle of Chilean, Australian, or French. The flowers are a traditional congratulatory wish for a successful business. They're usually placed after various fireworks are lit in order to scare away any and all demons. Unfortunately, this may all take place at any time of day or night, like on a Saturday morning at 6:45....
And then, below are our kit kats. Izzy is on the left, with Beans, the male, on the right. They are fast asleep. Can they get any closer? Bean's has his arms wrapped around Izzy's body--pretty amazingly cute. They never make a sound when chasing each other, play fighting, or cleaning each other. They'll even sit on our laps if the TV's off and it gets fairly quiet. Their young and will hopefully grow up understanding what their job is; snuggle up and love all humans.

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