Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

3 times this week. Truck driver and 2 cabbies pull over on our street. The truck driver knows I'm walking by him but hey, nature calls, and he relieves himself under his truck as I pass by. The taxi drivers could have easily driven the extra 50 yds. to the public toilet, but nooooooooooo, the little nook in the cement wall is too tempting. Aren't they embarrassed during rush hour? Many everyday occurrences are are hard to understand...We we on the subway today and a toddler tried to give his dad his used up sucker stick. The dad showed him how to just throw it on the floor to dispose of it. They very matter of factly just proceeded to walk away.....We saw our 9th electrician/plumber today in order to fix our leaky faucet. I'm pretty sure that electrician, plumber, worker, are all synonymous....I know I'm living in Shanghai when the taxi driver tells me where I'm going before I can tell him and the wet market workers can point to the asparagus before I do....I'm pretty sure, as confirmed by our school's music teacher that is a fan of tea, that most local tea mostly resembles what I would think the taste of dirt would be. We've smelled it, felt it linger, and now know what makes the water brown in many restaurants....Hailey participated in a 3 day musical enlightenment with professionals from around the world, along with 6 other schools in China-ALL students from grades 6-8 are required to play an instrument or be in choir. After that drama, visual arts, or the former are options...Currently, Joey is practicing being Hamlet, from 4-10 p.m. We were notified 7 days ago that he needed black tights--fat chance for 5' 11" in China. So we're walking to eat Shanghaiese dumplings the other night and there's a toothless 55 yr. old guy on a 3 wheeled bike selling socks, underwear, and long black tights. Anne shrieked-bad when you need to bargain-and began stroking them like she would if our cats liked her. It's then that she asked how much they were. The guy said 20 RMB; I said start at 6, she yelled out 10, but the guy was confused and said, "No, I said 20, not 10." Anne repeated her offer, and so did the vendor. It was crazy expensive to pay $3 for anything like that on the street at night, so we began walking away. Of course the guy immediately spit out something that resembled, "Ok, ok, 10!" Anne turned around and wanted 2, but forgot that you can get more for cheaper individual prices. She just through the guy 20 and was pleased as punch. Who would've thought....We finally went to the Fabric Market today!!! Huge event! Everyone else has been measured, bought shirts, pants, coats etc. Man, overwhelming! You want it? Pick the color, style, pattern, and most importantly, a tailor that will actually be able to make you something that fits. I was fitted last weekend for my first suit. Pretty painless. I pick up this wool/cashmere blend tomorrow for $90. It better be good! $80's the going rate....Our ayi loves making the family a plate full of cooked shrimp. I'm the only one that likes seafood. Plus, I have to shell them for 20 minutes, heat them etc. in order to eat. We really need a translator. OMG, I just realized I can call up the city translator and have them teach the ayi (our maid) how to use our dryer!! What have I been thinking?????? We thought she understood to put all our underwear and t-shirts in the dryer because the necks get stretched out when she hangs them right out of the washer, but NOOOOOOOOOO, she loves to expose everything to the sun, apparently, and let gravity cleanse your laundry....Did you know that construction work may begin at 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays? We do, for the last 8 weeks the guy above us has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of how to use rock drills, sanders, grinders, and 16 penny hammers....We just sent off all our Xmas presents! Boy, that was easy...except when you bring them to the post office, you have to show the clerk what you are going to put into the package before you seal it up. Then the paper work begins-it only took us approximately 25 min. to get 4 small parcells off. The clerk said it shouldn't take less than 2 weeks to get to the states; and no more than 2 months....Can't believe I'm not going to watch Tiger Woods and others play golf this weekend... Last week: parent conferences, Halloween celebrations, Anne presented a 30 minute assembly for 3-5 grades, Sat. was the International Food Festival, 2 soccer games for Hailey, and Joey was 4-9 every night practicing...Talk again soon Ü Oh, P.S.--I thought I had a referee's jersey for Halloween, but couldn't find it. Anne had a "mumu" and that's why I became a Hawaiian cow for Halloween.............Ok, update from China: Barbecue food lovers are getting a little agitated as major barbecue venues in China's southern Guangzhou city were closed down to ensure good air quality for the upcoming 2010 Asian Games and Asian Para Games. Really??????? Shall we blame the barbecuers for China's pollution when there's 350,000,000,000 cigarettes smoked each year, there's over a million vehicles puttering around without any pollutant restrictions, and untold numbers of coal burning power plants spewing tons of waste into the air 24/7?????? Baaaaaadddddddddd barbecuers!!!!

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