Friday, February 4, 2011

More Fascination

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I made an astounding discovery while sitting next to a window at Starbucks. It was actually in the first building to the right in the picture where you can see the lights in the window. They have a second story that has seats for about 60—20 being cushy padded seats like you might see in the states. Anyway, I start looking at some apparatus on the wall. I’d never really noticed it before, but examined it a bit and decided it was the “fire escape”!! Right there next to it on the wall is the directions for using it. I can’t imagine how long it would take to lower 50-60 people during a fire, if I was able to kick out the 8’ x 10’ window. There is no stairwell…just one stairway down to the first floor.

Check out the recycling center transfer truck! They just stack it as high as possible, or the length of their longest ropes-I figure about 15’ high, and then strap a few together and off they go. Notice the moped going against all the traffic. Can you imagine that load tilting his way?

Anne and I walk past a cute little French Bakery/Cafe on the weekends and will get something now and then: I get a pastry with ham and cheese baked into it, and Anne will get something that she hopes won't leave a lard coating on the roof of her mouth--of which she is rarely successful. Annnyyyywaayyyyy, one day we noticed this interesting addition to the selection. I'm sure it's very healthy and has some cultural value/luck or something that I'm unaware of, but I'm still not going to pay to try it. I've never seen nor heard of it before, like many other items I won't be trying any time soon Ü

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