Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sooo, what do you do when it's 85 degrees with a 50% chance of rain in Bali during their rainy season? Go the the cleanest, best managed, shortest lined water park with the most incredible food spread that we've ever been to! We've been to Wild Waves in Federal Way...I know...and Silverwood, which was excellent for the cleanliness and variety/excitement in Idaho, Disneyland, the Seattle Center, and some Putt Putt place in Maui-water guns only, and never before has it ever been so great! Now you've got to understand, you step outside the place and my kids had to search for a place to eat. Anne and I weren't too impressed with food in Kuta, but how good could it be sitting 100 yds. from the Indian Ocean and some pretty fun surf? Well, inside the park, there was a strip of food stalls 2nd to none-run by Australians-salads, Greek, Italian, burgers, sushi, curries, Chinese, Indonesian (rice, meat, eggs, fruit) and the list goes on. But as you can see, one of our favorite water slides was the Climax (of course). You climbed 5 stories and waited patiently to get into a locked, clear tube chamber that had a deep woman's game voice count down, "Three, Two, One...", until the floor suddenly dropped out and you literally fell vertically in a water tube for 30-40 feet before abruptly curving upward and around a corkscrew path (it's to the right in the picture) before smashing into the finishing pool. As you can see, the intensity of the drop took it's toll on the bony parts of the body-of which Joey and Hailey have plenty! What a rush! All in all, about 4-5 seconds and you were done. One time was enough for the oldest member of the family. We finally embarrassed Mom into experiencing the moment, and of course as I did, she paid the piper. Joey wanted more than 9 times, but his body didn't have enough to last. Hailey went about 12 times and is almost healed up from the 22nd of December. Where did she get that competitive nature? You can legally be skinned alive and line up for more! Ah, 3rd world rules and regs....We all decided to just watch the bungy jumpers. It was just as thrilling, we were were snapping their heads, tandems held each others' souls willingly, and some BMX bombers went off riding motor bikes! It gave me the thrill of a life time and I didn't have to pay the $100. I kind of feel like I know what it's like to play on-line video games now! Yeeeehawwwww!

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