Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Card?

Hi Everyone! If you would like to send a Christmas card to us - we would LOVE to get it. We don't get much mail these days. It will cost you about a dollar for postage for a regular letter and will take about a month. It's OK to get it late, we'll take it anytime! Our address is:

Doug, Anne, Joey, Hailey Gribble
Heng Sheng Gardens - 2 - #1602
299 Yaohong Road
Shanghai, China 201103

Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
The Gribbles

PS We are going to Bangkok, Thailand and the island of Bali, Indonesia for three weeks during our holiday break. Back to work on January 10. We are ready for a much needed vacation! Wishing you all a nice holiday too.

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