Saturday, May 7, 2011

Summer Has Arrived!

April 29 was a nice day on the Bund, the water front tourist magnet that has marvelous French Architecture and, as you can see, a fabulous view of Pudong. We live west of the river (Puxi) and east of the river is Pudong.

The second large sphere-looking observation area above Anne's head on the tower to the left, Pearl Tower, has plexiglass you can walk on-just like the one at the Grand Canyon! Holidays and weekends will bring a million people a day at the Bund.

Great costume on Easter for all the expats eating at their choice of 20 restaurants on the Pedestrian Walking Street. The bunny is just attached, if you can't tell.

There is a street called West Nanjing that ends at a huge park about a mile from the Bund; this large picture is the cross street. It turns into a pedestrian street-next picture-

where an average of a million people a day go shopping. That street, of course, is East Nanjing, which leads to the Bund. We have actually been here when it is much more crowded than this.

In the midst of this juxtaposition of sensibilities, you can sneak a quick left between a Bank of China and some rootie tootie department store to see some of the poverty that runs the day to day lives of the locals that work at the banks and department stores, clean the streets, and/or cook the myriad of street food that makes the rhythm of the streets hum.

This boat is just a ferry for $.30 to the other side of the river--Pudong. The people literally run onto the boat for a window seat. If you're in the way, you will gently get moved aside so someone more in tune with the nature of the beast will get the seat they want. This holds true at train ticket stations, banks, and grocery stores...

Or of course, you can just take a bit of a tour of the river on a tour boat. The water isn't exactly "clear", but you are on the river that leads to the Pacific. Unlike the rivers in Washington, this one had origins thousands of miles west.

Enjoy the many scenes of the city! I'll help you with some of the oddities Ü

This city bus has an extension that pops up at a recharging station before continuing on its runs.

As you can see, seatbelts and child safety is 50 years behind. We often see one or two toddlers-6 year olds standing on the floorboard of scooters while Mom or Dad drive, without helmets of course.

This city migrant worker moves from apartment compound to compound offering his services, sharpen any knives or tools you might have. He's just taking a break under a bush, on what is a pretty busy street.

This rollercoaster has a 90 degree drop. It stops for dramatic effect when the first two rows of people hang facing the ground!

This store, Hersheys, is a favorite hangout for Joey and Hailey. There's a restaurant on the second floor. The whole mall is pretty amazing. You get off the subway and there's Carl's Jr., Pizza Hut, Häagen-Dazs, and lots of other western restaurants.

Buy enough rolls and you get nail clippers free!

We went on a hike one day by a huge sculpture park, and this type of hazard was commonplace!

Nice spring day, so why not just get on the jammies and go play with the kids in the park! Wearing pajamas in public, along with having a dog, is a sign of wealth here. This guy has some extra shiny silk ones, just to strut his stuff.

This is the park across the street from our apt. Ours is 3rd from the top on the right. The spring colors are great. Ladies line dance in the morning and evening. It's a real community gathering place in the evening. When the weather's warm, there's a couple of hundred people there from 6-10.

There are employees of various apartment compounds and/or businesses that hire someone to be their parking attendant. They shoo away cab drivers from waiting in parking spots, literally direct drivers when parallel parking-which I'm sure is not something taught here, and are given some small token amount to "watch" patrons or tenants' car or scooter/moped. This guy needs a full view of 4 streets and so he just parks himself in the middle of an intersection!

I still can't get over this clothing company's name. It's the ultimate in "Chinglish".
I only know a few friends that would be so deserving to wear this shirt and be part of the Royal Club.

Anne and I saw a guy starting to clip a hedge in front of an apt. building, and noticed his extension cord system--really? THIS, is China!

I'll end with this cute children's wear. How sweet for this little punkin!

It's been a wild and wacky year. See you in July!